What’s going on with Defi. Is it related to LBTC?

DEFI has been mentioned more and more frequently in the cryptocurrency word recently. It is the abbreviation of decentralized finance.

Defi attempts to build code trust through blockchain technology and smart contract, which contributes to realizing a decentralized and peer-to-peer transaction for users. It can simplify the transaction procedures, and avoid the waste of money and time due to complicated intermediate.

Defi has been widely used in many fields, almost covering the traditional finance. It has incomparable advantages in asset security, protecting privacy,improving fairness and reducing costs. Defi will be the inevitable trend in the blockchain world.

At present, we have finished the roadmap of LBTC 2.0 and will publish later. LBTC has been running stably for there years. As a currency experiment based on bitcoin, LBTC inherits the main functions of bitcoin and optimized its protocol making it higher speed,lower cost and better scalability.

LBTC 2.0 promote the scheme of version 1.0. In the next three years, LBTC team plans to comprehensively upgrade LBTC’s system and introduce new network state.

The first statement research and development has been completed.Now, our preliminary work plan includes cross chain intelligent gateway,smart contract ,tokens issuing and choosing ZK rollup as layer 2 expansion scheme. Compating with IPFs and graph protocol may be the next plannation.

There is no doubt about the trend of Defi. I just want to know the price of LBTC.

The price is determined by the market, which cannot be predicted. At present, the lbtc2.0 roadmap has been formulated and will be published later. It is suggested that we can pay more attention on technology trends.

Lightning Bitcoin (LBTC) is a decentralized global IoV protocol based on DPoS 3.0 consensus mechanism.